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Maryland Juvenile Court Proceedings

Maryland juvenile courts handle cases involving youths who are under 18 years of age. Once the court exercises jurisdiction over a youth, however, the court’s jurisdiction may continue until the age of 21. Juvenile proceedings are technically civil, but they parallel that of a criminal court proceeding. The juvenile is referred to as the “Respondent” and is charged by means of a “Petition.” Instead of a trial, there will be an “Adjudicatory Hearing.” The youth may admit or deny involvement in the offense whereas in adult court, the defendant would plead guilty or not guilty. Instead of a sentencing hearing, there is a “Final Disposition” hearing at which time a judge will determine the final outcome of the case. At Lawlor & Englert, LLC, we have represented many clients in juvenile court and worked with the Department of Juvenile Services and educators to give our clients the best chance for a favorable outcome. We have also represented youths charged as adults and worked to have their cases transferred to juvenile court.

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