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Summer 2012 update

Lawlor & Englert, LLC has had a busy and successful year to date.

In February, Michael Lawlor and Gwendolyn Waters, working with Gary Proctor, spared their client the death penalty in a highly publicized murder case. Through their hard work, the State was unable to secure a death sentence in the 2005 murder of a correctional officer.

Mr. Lawlor and Ms. Waters, this time joined by Theresa Whalen, continued their victories in high-profile cases by winning a federal racketeering trial. Their client had been charged with several murders and drug counts. Following a two-week trial, a Washington, DC jury returned a verdict of acquittal on all counts.

Finally, Mr. Lawlor and Ms. Waters, just two weeks ago, obtained a mistrial in a homicide trial following their discovery that the State had withheld important evidence on the eve of trial. A retrial in that case is set for early 2013.

In federal sentencing news, all the attorneys at Lawlor & Englert, LCC, have recently obtained positive results. Andrew Szekely and Mr. Lawlor obtained substantially reduced sentences for two men in federal crack cases. Each had been serving sentences that were impacted by the recent changes in the crack laws. Through the hard work of Mr. Szekely and Mr. Lawlor, these two men will be returning to their families several years earlier.

Ms. Englert recently had a major victory in a fraud prosecution. In her case, the Government sought a sentence of between 15 months and 21 months. Ms. Englert was able to convince the Court that the Government’s sentencing recommendation was excessive. She was able to secure a sentence for her client of 6 months incarceration followed by 6 months’ of home detention.

Finally, in post-conviction news, Mr. Szekely and Mr. Lawlor had a substantial victory in May 2012. Their client was serving a ten-year sentence. Through their investigation of the case, they were able to learn that the client’s trial lawyer made a crucial error in advising him about a guilty plea. As a result, the client won his post-conviction case and his sentence was reduced from 10 years to 6 years.

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